Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More than 6 mths of not posting...

Wow its been abt 6-7mths since I last blogged, lazy lazy lazy.............. i dunno prolly dun have much feelings to write abt ba...

Anyway recent activities,

1) Lingling's wedding!! Congratulations!!!
2) Watched The Dark Knight
3) Went to Genting
3) Work work work work work

First off, my heartfelt congratulations to Ling² marriage, feel so happy fer ya!! Pics of the wedding itself can be seen in my facebook album. used it cos easy to upload them photos.

How i felt abt the dark knight: I dunno if its just me but all the hype actually made mi feel that the dark knight was not that uber/great... sorta felt that it was just an ok show.. i think i expected too much from heath ledger ba... idk.. haha..

Went to genting for a short trip.. I gotta tell u, if u wanna travel to genting by coach, go with transtar or something that has Video on Demand.. u'll be watching shows the whole trip u forget that u are travelling lol... i was like by the time i was watching the 3rd show, i reach genting / Singapore already.. so kin... hahahah.. but nonetheless enjoyed the weather, enjoyed the 2 shows i watch there, enjoyed the cups of tea and coffee that i drank there and enjoyed the company there.. (if anyone heads to genting, please do catch the movies there, lol cheap tixs and u can even sit on an osim massage chair while watching the movie.. shiok onli)

Work's been getting interesting lately although still quite tiring, just last week i went underground to mrt tunnel to do survey.. i was kinda thrilled lol.. how many pple actually has the chance to walk on the mrt tracks in a tunnel haha... quite interesting.. hahah...

nothing much to post liaoz...

anyway just thought that this post will allow mi to start bloggin again.. haha

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Looks like Christmas is comin early this year?!?!

Can you believe it? So fast already people are preparing to celebrate or are already celebrating Christmas......... Just the other day I saw a person dressed as santa >.>

Well.... as they say.. its never too early to celebrate festivals... hahah.....

My dad is in town for the weekend and it was his birthday yesterday... Happy Birthday Father!

Went for lunch at one of the old School restaurants, Spring Court. Food was ok.... But the main thing here is the 'Supper' that we had..... Went to a place for Chocoholics!!!!!!

"Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar" @ The Pier on Robertson Quay.....

Nice Ambience, nice drinks and mos important nice chocolates..........

Mah Drink Earl Grey Sencha

Mah Cake... Cheesecake!!! well... part eaten cheesecake that is lol...

Seriously nothing beats ending the day with a cuppa tea/coffee with cheesecake and most importantly enjoying these things with your family or friends.......

My mother got herself a passion fruit Soufflé and a Hot chocolate..all i can say is.. the Drink is Divine!!!!!! you will be sorry if u miss it..

My dad got a cuppa brazillian chocolate coffee and a piece of Black Forest Cake. drink was nice but the cake... zzzzz a bit too weak IMO....

but definitely its a good place for you to hang out with your friends or your loved ones or with that someone special..

Not to be missed!!!

Btw lights are up the Christmas Season in Orchard Road... I must say this year the Deco along the road is nice... kinda 'snowy' feeling... all you photography enthusiasts should head down there and take some pics... i myself trying to see when i free to go down anyway...

Hopefully i'll post something from Orchard Road soon...... I wanna head down there hahahaa.... till then,.. ciaoz

Sunday, October 7, 2007

This blog is rated NC-17... LOL

was browsing through andy's blog and came across this lol

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though it'll be fun to put this

Monday, October 1, 2007

Wow its been a month!!!

Wow its been a month since i last blogged. haha... i not like can input everything that happen in my life haha...

Nothing much been happening... other than going back for ICT!!! Fun actually going back... like chalet like that... relaxed... so happy.. at last something different from my routine of working home skool and sleep....

btw.. if wanna see some camp stuff can go keonni blog haha... got stuff posted there....

William's "Welcome to Singapore!!!

Btw managed to get my hands on a taiwan's version of GQ. and when i was reading thru some of the articles, there was a passage that went like this.



"Sometimes, to take a smoke is not because of nicotine, it is to give yourself a excuse to not think of anything, the smoke that u you breathe in and out acts as a cover for the feeling of emptiness and helplessness, it is just that in the city, to mantain the elegance of smoking is getting harder and harder, anti-smoking groups acts to stop smoking and you who is pushed up to the corner of the wall, mantains a sense of style and blows a puff of smoke into the air."

Sucks to read it in english really haha.... doesn't sound as nice as when u read it in chinese.

well up to a certain extent i agree with this passage. sometimes the reason why pple take a puff is not becuz they are addicted to nicotine, is becuz the short period of time where u are so called relaxed and not bothered by the things ard you... just for that short period of time, its gives u time to relax and think things thru. It can also act as a cover to hide ur feeling of emptiness and helplessness..

Oh well, after my 'chalet' finished le... everything has to go back to normal.. kinda sian.... *sigh*

Nothing much else to write since i'm back to my normal lifestyle le.....

haiz haiz haiz........

P.S: Fucking in-ear earphones died on me ><>< THE AMBIENT NOISES ARE BACK!!!!! HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Can someone pimp my TV, Desktop and Room??

Its freaking official... I need a new desktop for my gaming needs.... Its freaking me off that my comp can't play any of the new games in the market today..... It always end up having to adjust all the freaking games on low.... and low sucks.... just sucks... and it pisses me off....

well first things first, I need to do up my room, yeah... a room for myself.. at long freaking last.. been putting off that idea since last year... no money to redo my grandpa's room....which somehow becomes my room....... needs a repaint, new furniture, new bed... just these things alone needs quite a big amt of cash. next thing is a the hardware... lol... hardware refering to new TV, Hi-Fi, Air-con(probably window unit), lighting...

TV = LCD TV with Full High-Def support, approx 2.7-3.5k
Air-con unit = approx 300-400??? cos its just a small window unit....
Hi-Fi = well not a big one something smaller will do fine but that needs 300-400 also, probably Tivoli Hi-Fi that supports my ipod.
Paint = will set mi back of at least 60-70 bucks? quite a big room i might say...
New Lighting = 100? or less?
New Cupboards = 1x Comic rack = 100-200 bucks... 1x clothing cupboard = 100-200.. 1 x matress without bed rack = 100-200 or more...

all adds up to at least 5k?
WOW!!! where da fuck am i gonna get that money? rob a bank? >.> best is tio toto or 4d... which will never happen in years... cos i got no interest.

sigh.... just the room will set me back that amount of money, and there my parents were saying no need la.. dun need a lot of money one... yeah right....

Next thing is my frigging desktop.... a desktop that can support the newer games on the market... really its pissing me off that i can't do anything... not able to play any games.... /cry.....

i kinda have 2 choices 1: Do up my own comp, new LCD monitor and keyboard and everything or 2: wait for next year's WCG when they usually sell a desktop + LCD monitor at a combined price if its enough for the competetive gamers its more than enough for me IMO.

Doing myself will set me back 3k? including LCD and software? probably lesser tbh but yeah looking at the specs i have in mind prolly that amt.... and getting from WCG abt 2k..... but.... can i afford to wait?

Ya know, when we were young and things were so called given, it doesn't feel the pinch lol, when u start to work, u got bills to pay, transport, food, money to give parents(although my mom says dun need but yeah, no matter wat must give back a bit)... OUCH!!!!!!! all my money from the start of the month becomes little at the end... pissed i am.. cannot buy anything.......

haiz... work sucks... and yet no work = no money.... i guess all i can do is to start working and saving money somehow... at least my target now is to get my desktop first la... other things can wait i suppose..................

Friday, August 3, 2007

And another one bites the dust......

And another one bites the dust from my company......... and tomorrow is pay day.... will i get paid??? or will something happen in between somewhere?

anyway today another employee from my company bites the dust.... well, originally was that my colleague wanted to fire my boss but end up today, he act faster lol......

well, the whole story too lazy to write, so here's a summary.

supplier needs help for something, we CSO help.

Letter was addressed to customer, although it was between the goods and supplier.

So normally we sign off, we sign of as:

(Name of the person that talked to customer)
(Name of the company the person is working for)

Sounds like a normal letter and its right, right?

Well, its wrong. even though u are working in the company, u are not allowed to use anything to do with the company.....

all of us thought that its just ok, we are working here in the company, so anything can look for us and we'll explain to the customer la... Morever its a letter that was drafted cos the customer asked for it not becuz we wanna do any harm to anyone.

but in the eyes of my bosses anything to do with the company name, U ARE SO DEAD!!! NO RIGHT TO USE COMAPNY NAME FOR ANYTHING!!!!

well, up to a certain extent they are right... but is there a need to shout at us? we were just trying to help but they talk like we are abusing under the authority of the company.....

So be it then... anything we will just ask every little god damn thing.

If you guys think its such a big issue and you all dun trust us. So be it...


Don't blame us for bothering u guys every other hour or something.... if there's no trust between employer and employee... Then why the fuck u guys hire pple. might as well do everything yourselves...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Death of SG Otakus!!!!!

At long fucking last. This will be end of singaporeans downloading anything off the net. Firstly, it was Music, and that was the last of downloads for free mp3s. Then came the Anti piracy d/l for Movies and stuff. so be it everyone thought. since it was the fucking big america that the shows and music that come from and it affected the whole world as america is a bloody Superpower and the bloody companies have the money to sue whoever.......

BUT WHY FUCKING ANIME DOWNLOADS ALSO GET AFFECTED!!!! There's not much reason for it... why the fuck is ODEX coming into the picture now? After for so long. every since how many umpteen years ago when i was still downloading stuff on the 256k, everyone was fine and not much shit happened. Every Otaku from SG was starting to know about anime then, when cosplay was just a small Singapore community, when comics was still starting to become popular. And everyone was enjoying shows such as Zone of Enders, Rurouni Kenshin, Love Hina, Hunter X hunter all these was available for download then, and everything was through Emule/Edonkey, then in comes the superpower bloody america and europe.

And then all hell break loose. the sites were shut down. althought they were not showing links to files etc. just links to share the bloody shows. and yet the whole world thinks that its not appropriate. So be it then.

so everyone switches to bit torrent. everything was fine.. until SG starts to follow the world trend. decided to clamp down on piracy in singapore. So be it.. Music we stopped, movies we stopped. Music there's good quality CDs that we can buy. so i'm fine with it, movies there are Dvds and cinemas, so be it.. to be honest some good shows best watched in the cinema. So that i accept.. and moreever shows are going digital meaning bigger screen and better sound so i dun mind paying for it. SG wanna stop these things and follow world trend? ok will do.

And now SG company ODEX comes to fuck every Otaku up in the arse out of the blue, sending letters to some people and slapping them with a 3.5k fine if they settle out of court. if they are sending letters for anime shows they licensed and people are downloading now, so be it. But they are sending letters to people who download like 4-5 months ago and slapping them with a fine now.

Firstly, how can ODEX just send letters to pple and slap them with a fine out of the blue. They did not have any newspaper report like for mp3s and movies where people are warned not to d/l or else get fined or/and jail term. There isn't anything or report from the media to the public.

Secondly, why is singnet giving to the company ODEX details of their customer details, things such as IP, such as what program they are using at the moment, what they are downloading and what they are surfing. If you tell me there is a Court order that says ODEX can get details like this, so be it.. but it seems to everyone that ODEX just 'casually' asks for it and Singnet just 'conveniently' gives it to them.

Thirdly, there isn't any warning from anyone in Singapore that states that everyone cannot download anime. or rather reports with things such as "don't download anime" etc. as least there were reports to warn and inform the public that downloading things such as movies and mp3 are considered wrong/piracy.

Four, why Singnet gives out details of the customers like giving candy to a baby. All these things are considered private and confidential, unless its a big case and there's a court order or something that requests the Singnet to ask the user to allow them to provide information to this so and so company for investigation purposes then so be it... At least let the user know and not out of the blue recieve a letter that says "You are being fined for d/l so and so items using wat program at wat time using wat IP address, Pay up or prepared to get ur arse sued till u have no pants."

Dun be a bastard company and start slapping people with a fine that says downloading anime is a infringe of copyrighted material. Have the company ever thought of the public, if they do sell good quality anime that is cheap and affordable for the public, is there a need to download anime at all? and its because the quality that ODEX provides sux to the core and caused people to not buy it and in turn cause losses to the company. So when you guys at ODEX cannot make money, you guys came up with this idea "oh since everyone is downloading anime we licensed, why not we start slapping everyone with a fine and start to earn some money out of it?"

without all the fan subbers around the net that does these things, will anime ever hit off in Singapore as well? will there be a big group of Cosplayers that have events every now and then and represent singapore in the Japanese worldwide cosplayers Competition? Heck, will there even be ODEX at all.

anyways, I never buy ODEX products ever since they stopped producing quality anime, more so since this thing happen. NO FUCKING WAY i'm touching their products. I might just follow hardcore fans and start to get parallel imports.

Anyway people who can afford to migrate to another country please do. Singapore is no longer a safe place where people can have a freedom of speech, PRIVACY and freedom of anything la..

Hopefully Otakus of Singapore can unite and at least come up with something to prevent this ODEX for doing this kinda sneaky things to other fellow Otakus, hopefully someone who has study law or something. i don't know lol... Start a movement?

P.S. Watching bleach streaming on website suxor big time >.> Give us otakus our freedom once again!!!!!!!!